Almost everyone is lucky enough to be active. To use the human body for what it’s designed to do. Be pushed, exerted, trained, conditioned, rest, recover. Among us, there is also a very large percentage who realise they can always go that little bit further. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to want to be the absolute best you can be. Just take a look at the motivational tag lines that sportswear companies give their customers, ‘Just Do It’, ‘Human Performance Multiplied’, ‘Be More Human’. Sure, these big brands sponsor the elite of the elite and pay them thousands to wear their product, however the profit these companies make is grossly contributed by the ‘Average Joe’ consumer.

Project Clothing has just launched its new range of gear, OXYGN8. These specific garments are set apart from your run of the mill sportwear, they fall under the newly regulated Medical Sports Garments category. This is because they’re powered by Celliant, which has Class 1 Medical Device designation by the Therapeutic Good Administration, and a magnitude of other health agencies globally. This Medical Device designation sets aside these garments from a lot of other ‘performance’ products and they also have thermo-reactive particles embedded into the fabric which can convert the naturally emitted body heat into infrared radiation, which can then be reabsorbed into the tissues up to 4cm below the surface of the skin. Infrared energy has been shown to have several benefits to the human body, and OXYGN8 garments are one simple and effective way of delivering IR energy.

As I said earlier, so many of us, regardless of whatever level we are training at, want to be stronger, be faster, be more efficient in the way we train, recover and relax. OXYGN8 can help you do that, and here’s 5 reasons how and why. 

  • Temporary increase in local circulation and oxygen levels by an average of 8% Temporarily increasing the local blood flow means that there is quicker delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells when they need it most. This means that no matter what kind of activity you’re doing, whether it be a track session, spinning class, yoga, a walk around the block, or an Ironman, having more oxygen available means you can do all of these things more efficiently, faster, stronger and better.
  • Increase in thermal energy

Celliant® technology absorbs energy (or heat) emitted by the body and recycles it back into the body

  • Enhanced performance and efficiency

Because of the increase in local circulation and oxygen levels, performance and efficiency is enhanced as the additional oxygen and increased circulation leads to a faster exchange of nutrients and waste products.

  • Faster recovery of muscles after exercise

This means that you’ve been able to clear things like lactic acid faster, thanks to that increase in local blood flow to have a faster exchange of waste products. You won’t feel as heavy and tired, and you’ll have more chance of feeling fresh and giving 100% to your next session.

  • Improved quality of sleep and overall wellbeing

Infrared radiation leads to vasodilation which increases the diameter of the blood vessels, therefore increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery levels in the blood making them more readily available to cells when needed. The increased local circulation also speeds up metabolic activity in the cells and faster breakdown of lactic acid and other waste products, resulting in their faster removal. All of these factors can delay the onset of fatigue and soreness, and increases muscle performance during exercise.

And the best part is, there are proven studies and results to back this up. Celliant®, the engine behind OXYGN8™ apparel, is the most established and clinically tested infrared textile in the industry. It’s undergone several tests at prominent institutions under the guidance of a scientific advisory board. And it’s got the Medical Device designation by the countries Therapeutic Goods Association.

So we know that not just elite and professional sports people want to perform better. Most of us do. Just because we don’t get paid to do the sport we love, see ourselves on TV or get endorsements from companies, we still know we have the ability to perform to the best of our ability. And we can get a little bit of help to achieve that.

Rowena Wolahan | Oxygn8 Brand Manager