Your body is a hybrid engine. OXYGN8™ is a catalyst to recycle human energy in the form of infrared radiation. Infrared (IR) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been investigated to have many beneficial biological effects.

In the infrared radiation bands, only far infrared radiation (FIR) transfers energy purely in the form of heat which can be perceived in human skin as radiant heat and can penetrate up to 4 cm beneath the skin. 

Technological advances, such as the IR emitting fibres contained in OXYGN8™ garments which are powered by Celliant, provide new techniques to deliver IR radiation to the human body, thus generating biological therapeutic effects. 

Some of these biological effects include: 

Promotes a temporary increase in local blood flow

Temporarily increasing the local blood flow means that there is quicker delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells when they need it most.

Increase in tissue oxygen levels by an average of 8% 

Increased oxygen perfusion has been shown to aid in the increase of energy. Energy produced at the cellular level will accelerate muscle tissue recovery from exercise, which is known to induce lactic acid increases, rebuild strength in muscles damaged by exercise and also reduce the incidence of cramping, edema and muscle fatigue post strenuous exercise in athletic conditioning (ref: Celliant Study of 13 Healthy Subjects).

Oxygen is needed for the metabolic activity of the muscles. Elevated oxygen levels means that there is an increase in adenosine triphosophate (ATP) production during the cells metabolic pathway. ATP is often referred to as the ‘molecular unit of currency for intracellular energy transfer’. The increase in oxygen levels results in a faster replenishment of energy both during and after exercise.

Enhanced performance and efficiency

Because of the increase in local circulation and oxygen levels, performance and efficiency is enhanced as the additional oxygen and increased circulation leads to a faster exchange of nutrients and waste products.

Faster recovery of muscles after exercise

The increase in circulation means that waste products are cleared faster, reducing fatigue and soreness.

Improved quality of sleep and overall wellbeing

Infrared radiation leads to vasodilation which increases the diameter of the blood vessels, therefore increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery levels in the blood making them more readily available to cells when needed. The increased local circulation also speeds up metabolic activity in the cells and faster breakdown of lactic acid and other waste products, resulting in their faster removal. All of these factors can delay the onset of fatigue and soreness, and increases muscle performance during exercise.

Celliant®, the engine behind OXYGN8™ apparel, is the most established and clinically tested infrared textile in the industry. Celliant® products are Class 1 medical devices and are included on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration ARTG and on New Zealand’s Medsafe WAND system. In the USA, the FDA has determined Celliant® products are medical devices and general wellness products.