OXYGN8 apparel and accessories, powered by Celliant®, are designed to temporarily increase the local blood flow which results in elevated oxygen levels in parts of the body, as well as providing countless other health and wellness benefits through proprietary fabrics and researched engineering.

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OXYGN8 providing Melbourne Victory FC an extra 8%

OXYGN8 providing Melbourne Victory FC an extra 8%

   Innovation to perform and recover 8% more efficiently with OXYGN8 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – January 29th, 2020: OXYGN8 announced today a partnership with Melbourne Victory FC that will lead the way in wearable technology to increase players performance and recovery. OXYGN8 is a world leading technical performance garment that increases local blood flow and circulation, enhancing players performance and efficiency by producing Infrared energy. OXYGN8...

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I often wonder what I would say to someone if they commented on my OXYGN8 tights and asked me what they are.  I could talk about how they are made, how they work, the science behind them and the benefits of the technology for hours. But most people probably don’t want to listen to me rave about them for hours. So to shorten it if...

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Celliant® products are Class 1 medical devices, various products are listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and New Zealand’s Medsafe Database (WAND).

Celliant® Fibre is manufactured by Hologenix, LLC, 17383 Sunset Boulevard, Suite A420, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, United States. Celliant® is a registered trademark of Hologenix, LLC.

In Australia, Celliant® is sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia, PO Box 1083, Hartwell, Victoria 3124, Australia.

In New Zealand, Celliant® is sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia, 75B Boston Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1023, New Zealand.


After using Oxygn 8 for my recovery I have never looked back. Recovery is often the forgotten component in training or the first part of training that tapers off when time becomes a factor. Oxygn8 has given me faster recovery periods and greater joint movement overall. I have increased confidence with injured areas.

Elise Hopkins - Sports Academy DirectorHeathmont College Sports Academy

I've been giving my oxygn8 a good workout after multiple rounds of golf and Football training. 2 sessions a week I am clocking up 8-9kms at training and getting straight into the oxygn8 for recovery. Definitely feeling a difference the day after, legs are no where near as heavy. And the top has been amazing for golf, as I have a few back issues. Warms me up and keeps me from stiffening up.

Lachlan WatsonHeathmont College Sports Academy

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m loving the tights. My muscles definitely aren’t as tired and fatigued meaning it’s easier to get the next session done at a high level. It is something I will be using as part of training and recovery from now on.

Sara BlizzardAustralian Bobsled Team & Stawell Gift Athlete

I am absolutely loving my Oxygn8 tights. I wear them every night to bed, it reduces my muscle fatigue, I sleep better and have a quicker recovery time, so I can perform at my best every day. Thanks heaps to Graeme and the team at Project Clothing and Oxygn8 for supporting me. If you are an athlete that is looking at ways to improve your recovery, get yourself a pair of these.

Jamieson SheahanAthlete - American College Football