1. What is OXYGN8™?

OXYGN8™ is high performance sportswear which is powered by a revolutionary patented technology called Celliant® . Celliant® utilizes a blend of thermo-reactive minerals embedded into the OXYGN8™ garment. These embedded minerals convert the body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared light (IR) and reflect it back into the body’s tissue and muscles.

2. How does OXYGN8™ work?

The reabsorbed energy triggers vasodilation in the capillaries. Vasodilation results in increased blood flow, making more oxygen available to your muscles and enhancing cellular performance. Please see the science and technology section for more details. 

3. Are there clinical studies to show the benefits of OXYGN8™ products powered by CELLIANT® ?

Yes. Research has shown when there is a temporary increase in blood flow and circulation to muscles, it can enhance athletic performance and recovery, speed healing, reduce soreness and help regulate body temperature.

2 main studies showed that oxygen levels increased by 8%, and grip strength increased by 9 mmHG. Click here for more information on the scientific studies conducted.

4. What are the benefits of OXYGN8™?

There are several health benefits of OXYGN8™ products

Over 60% of the energy we consume is lost to escaping body heat. OXYGN8™ apparel turns energy that is normally wasted into infrared light with infrared ceramic fibres woven into the gear. This energy is then reflected back into the body and absorbed by the muscles. OXYGN8™ apparel enhances performance through vasodilation and thermoregulation processes which enhance blood flow and oxygen levels.

OXYGN8™ products redirect natural, recycled energy back into the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels in the tissues. This translates to faster recovery, as muscles are able to clear metabolic waste such as lactic acid with the improved circulation. The result is superior muscle performance and faster, more efficient recovery. Please refer to the health and wellness benefits section for more information. 

5. Will wearing OXYGN8™ products make me overheat?

No. By re-emitting energy back into the body and triggering vasodilation and the increased capillary surface area, the body is able to heat up or cool down more easily through convection.

6. Do OXYGN8™ products have to touch my skin to work?

No. OXYGN8™ products do not have to be tight fitting or in contact with the skin to gain the health benefits.

7. Is OXYGN8™ the same as compression?


When worn during exercise, compression wear can help to prevent micro-tears in the muscles.

During recovery and if graduated (decreasing compression power from the extremity of the limb to the top of the limb) and correctly fitted, compression wear has been shown to promote blood flow back to the heart, aiding the removal of waste products.

Compression is based on the principal of vasoconstriction

OXYGN8™ garments have a loose, non-compression feel. The IR energy triggers vasodilation which promotes increased local oxygen levels and leads to several health benefits.

8. Are CELLIANT® products medical devices?

Yes. Celliant® products are Class 1 medical devices, various products are listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and New Zealand’s Medsafe Database (WAND). In the USA, the FDA has determined Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201 (h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and general wellness products.

9. Do OXYGN8™ products require special care or laundering? 

No. The Celliant® technical fibers are embedded into the core polyester fibers of the OXYGN8™ garments so it cannot wear or wash out. The technology is not coated on to the garments so the benefits of OXYGN8™ products will last a long time.