I often wonder what I would say to someone if they commented on my OXYGN8 tights and asked me what they are.  I could talk about how they are made, how they work, the science behind them and the benefits of the technology for hours. But most people probably don’t want to listen to me rave about them for hours. So to shorten it if we were stuck in an elevator from the ground floor to the top of a skyscraper, I’d want to make sure the important aspects of these OXYGN8 garments are covered.

The first thing I’d say is that OXYGN8 is not compression. I’d compare the body to an engine, with the blood flow being the fuel needed to power that engine.

Compression (as the name says) is a tight garment worn on the body to reduce blood flow to an area. This is helpful if you have an injury, or if post-operation swelling or internal bleeding need to be controlled while the body repairs the traumatised area. For example, back to the car comparison, if your body was a car engine, compression is like a clamp on the fuel line.

OXYGN8 on the other hand, acts as a vasodilator. This means it increases the diameter of your blood vessels rather than constrict them, so in effect getting more fuel to your engine.

Then I’d explain that OXYGN8™ garments, which are powered by Celliant® (, have health authority designation. This might not seem like important or relevant information, especially as most people may not understand what these government bodies do, but the fact is that data has been presented to multiple global health agencies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA Australia) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA USA).

These government regulatory bodies have assessed the data and designated the garments as Class 1 medical devices, with the FDA considering them as a general wellness product.

At this stage, as we approach the top floor of the building, most people are probably wondering, how does this work?

Inside OXYGN8™ are thermo-reactive particles within the fibres which convert your body heat into Infrared energy (IR) that is then re-absorbed by the body. This IR energy is what triggers the vasodilation. The body becomes a hybrid engine producing this energy 24 hours a day when in contact with OXYGN8™ and making this energy available for the body to use as required.

But can it be proved? Well, yes it can!

While wearing OXYGN8, scientific tests at university institutions under the guidance of a scientific advisory board have shown it:

  • Promotes temporary increase of local blood flow
  • Temporarily increases tissue oxygen levels by an average of 8%
  • Promotes faster recovery of muscles after exercise
  • Can enhance performance and efficiency
  • Improved quality of sleep and overall well-being

I might have to hope that it’s an old and slow elevator to get in all the important bits, but I would also point the fellow elevator passenger in the direction of the website for all the juicy details and ordering information.

With OXYGN8, more is more.