Oxygn8™ - The Next Big Thing in Medical Sport Garments

Oxygn8™ - The Next Big Thing in Medical Sport Garments

It’s fair to say that a growing number of the population here in Australia are always looking for ways to improve their performance, health and fitness. This relates to both the average Joe who loves a yoga class and a jog in the park, or a seasoned competitive athlete constantly aiming for faster times, higher jumps, and heavier lifts.

The human body is an engine, and the most incredible gift we have. It needs fuel to perform, and it releases energy as a result of all the physiological and biological reactions that take place to make that engine work efficiently.

Even so, what if we found a way to treat the body as a hybrid engine, and we could recycle the energy that is released from those internal reactions and give it back in a form that can be utilised by our body?

Infrared energy has been shown to have many health and wellness benefits, and can be delivered to the body in several different ways, such as IR sauna’s and heat lamps. Now, Oxygn8TMwhich, is designed and developed in Australia by sportswear innovator, Project Clothing in partnership with Celliant®, has found a way to deliver IR energy to the body with a new range of medical sports garments. You may not have heard of Tom Brady unless you’re a New England Patriots fan, but he swears by infrared technology to assist with a range of injuries he gets on the football field.

OXYGN8™, is about to modernise the medical sports garment market in Australia. They contain Celliant®, which uses a revolutionary mix of thermo-reactive minerals which can absorb your body heat, convert it to infrared energy, which can then be absorbed by the body and penetrate up to 4cm below the skin. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to trigger blood vessels to dilate, and therefore promote a temporary increase in local blood flow at the site of application. Increased blood flow means more energy, enhanced speed, increased strength and better endurance. And let’s not forget that the technology has been shown to reduce recovery time and promote better sleep.

Something that sets these particular garments aside from many of the other players out there on the sportswear market is that OXYGN8™ garments containing Celliant®. They have been designated as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. It’s undergone rigorous testing at prominent institutions under the guidance of a scientific advisory board to obtain this important classification.

These garments can be worn all day, every day. They work while you don’t, and are so comfortable you may never want to take them off! Whether you are exercising, running errands or relaxing at home, OXYGN8™ products have been engineered to ensure comfort, support and versatility, whilst delivering clinically proven results to the wearer.

Rowena Wolahan|Oxygn8Brand Manager